Several months ago I queried you regarding availability of any accurate scale drawings of the Spanish built Bucker Jungmann.  You answered that you did not know of any.  However, you send me a set of drawings by Coates that featured both a Hirth powered and a Lycoming powered version. Thanks again for that.

I compared these drawings of the basic airframe to a partial set of factory drawings (only the flying surfaces) and the full scale owned by my friend,  Matt Chapman.  The result was that I found them not to be very accurate.  Since I needed an accurate set of drawings for Matt's and my project, two 35% models of the Spanish built Bucker Jungmann, I undertook to produce an accurate set.  I used Matt's factory drawings, and his full scale (uncovered) as reference.  I used ModelCAD, a relatively simple 2D CAD program.

Since I intend to finish my model as EC-FUU, owned and operated by Fundacio Parc Aeronautic de Catalunya in Barcelona, I send my drawings to their director, Peter Argila, to be authenticated.  He submitted them to the Technical Department.  They found the drawings to be accurate, and provided me with a really nice Certificate of Authenticity.
So, I would like to make these drawings available to everyone in the Bucker community.  Accordingly, I have attached them as a PDF file to this note.
Best Regards,
Gary Allen
Thank you so much to Gary for this drawing. I know there are many people who will be thrilled to have access to such acurate information. Please click the picture above, or HERE to download the full drawing in PDF format.