I recently found a company that will make gaskets with no tooling charges and no minimum oreder quantity. They make everything from the multi-layer cylinder head gaskets for a V12 Lamborghini to simple cork or silicone rubber gaskets like the example below.

You can send them an original, a drawing, or you can do the whole thing by email. Place the gasket in question on your flat-bed scanner and place a piece of graphpaper on top. (You can download a page of graphpaper from their website.) The scanned image will look like this:


Now email the image to http://gasketstogo.com/ at the address they provide on their website and you will receive a quote. It was less than $3 for the valve cover gasket shown above. (Silicone rubber/cork, 3mm thick)

If you accept the quote, the gaskets are made and mailed, and you pay by credit card from a PayPal invoice. From the little research I did it would appear that the service is reliable and customers are pleased with their work.